New estab­lishment of the Ingenieurge­sellschaft WIA mbH

Since the foundation of the company Ingenieurge­sellschaft WIA GbR on the 2 February 2007 it has estab­lished itself on the market.

By now the Ingenieurge­sellschaft WIA GbR has a team of 14 employees and offers engineering services, partic­ularly in the field of infra­structure, sanitary engineering and water management in general. This positive devel­opment is mainly based on the confidence people had in our work over the past years. By optimizing the internal working processes through our quality assurance practice we optimized and raised the requirements on our services. We are proud that the internal investments are acknowledged.

The founders and share­holders of our company Mister Özkaynak and Mister Günther have decided to establish the Ingenieurge­sellschaft WIA mbH from the 1 January 2013.

As a result the opera­tional business will be performed by the Ingenieurge­sellschaft WIA mbH from January 2013. Contracts that have already been made with the Ingenieurge­sellschaft WIA GbR will lawfully be attended and ended by the Ingenieurge­sellschaft WIA GbR. We are looking forward to a further trust­worthy cooperation and are happy to support you in word and deed in the future.