Consulting – Planning – Building Super­vision – Project Management


For us as engineers, a sustainable and efficient use of the natural supplies of water will still be an essential challenge in the future. Ingenieurge­sellschaft WIA offers state of the art solutions for the fields of recovery of drinking-​water and water supply.

  • Water supply
  • River regulation
  • Flood protection


The complexity of the plans of engineer services has grown noticeably to meet the latest demands for a future orientated infra­structure. Their tasks include: efficient traffic planning the fields of drinking-​water supplies and sewage disposal, which need to adapt to the urban and regional boundary conditions. Our all-​in-​one solutions in this field offer an environ­mentally sound and an econom­ically viable concept, which we guide from planning until the realization of projects.

  • Devel­opment
  • Road infra­structure
  • Renewal of towns
  • Structural engineering
  • Sports complexes


Sewage is having a rapidly increasing impact on the hydro­logical cycle of our environment. Attaining sustainable, consistent, profes­sional and environ­mentally sustainable methods of sewage disposal and purifi­cation of effluents will remain a demanding task for engineers. Our team has many years of experience and up to date knowledge in this field of sanitary engineering. Therefore we can readily adapt meet to the modern challenges of urban drainage.

  • Urban drainage
  • Master plan sewer system
  • Pipe renewal
  • Property related concepts
    for sewage disposal
  • Treatment of rain water and combined wastewater
  • Sewage-​works
  • Rain water management
  • Geographical Infor­mation System
  • Sewer Database